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vendredi 2 septembre 2016

Walking Dead On Streaming Saison 1,2,3,4,5,6

The Walking Dead is an American horror television series, adapted by Frank Darabont and Robert Kirkman, creator of the comic strip of the same name, which aired from October 31, 2010 on AMC
In France, the series is broadcast since 20 March 2011 on OCS Choc, Belgium, Luxembourg, since April 4, 2011 on Be Series and Switzerland since December 2, 2012 on RTS Un. It remains unprecedented in other countries Francophones.

After a post-apocalyptic epidemic has transformed almost all of the US and world population undead or "lurkers", a group of men and women led by the deputy sheriff of Kings County (Georgia) Rick Grimes trying to survive ...

Together they will have to somehow deal with this new world unrecognizable through their journey in the deep South of the United States.

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